So what IS the connection between a Playstation, an Alresford Rotarian and our next #FirstThing free breakfast event? bespokesoftware.com/serious-games/

InfoSec 2012

Final InfoSec 2012 preparations well under-way – Exciting stuff. Hope to see a lot of you next week! Don’t forget, Stand G81.

InfoSec 2012

Come and see us at InfoSec 2012 on Stand G81! If you haven’t registered yet simply follow this link: https://reedexhibitions.circdata-fusion.co.uk/forms/ie/ie2012.aspx?exhibitorid=52d53396-504d-4ff4-9960-17e248a74d77


Despite what the more geeky guys on the IssueCentre team might think, the creatives down the corridor have been hard at work giving www.IssueCentre.com a fresh look – and it hasn’t just been a quick make-over. As with the IssueCentre software itself, which is due for a pretty major relaunch very soon, the Colouring-in Team [...]

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Ford Dealer Profitability & Technology Conference

We’re out and about today! This time we’re at the Ford Dealer Profitability & Technology Conference at the Henry Ford College in Loughborough. I say “we” it’s actually Peter and Charlie, so if you see a couple of FOT staff looking stressed, please say “Hi!” and take a brochure. There are a few pics on [...]


An off the shelf product is usually just that – straight out of the box, it does everything the same way as the contents of the next box along. At the other end of the scale is Bespoke, where everything is tailor-made to fit your individual requirements. Here at First Option Software, we believe in [...]

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2014 sees the fifth anniversary of the ever popular Alresford Music Festival, sponsored by First Option Software.

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InfoSec 2012 Pictures!

Just a few of the MANY pictures Richard snapped, sometimes covertly, during InfoSec 2012! Don’t know about you, but I think the stand looks fantastic. Mark

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Nice bit of feedback from a happy customer:- “Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!” – Thanks Paul!


You are invited to #FirstThing – Serious Games – eepurl.com/NkUR1


Our first 25 years – it’s official @hantschamber‘s #ChamberNews Page 25 of hampshirechamber.co.uk/assets/docs/Ma…

#FirstThing goes from strength to strength

First Option's #FirstThing series of free breakfast seminars at Signal House goes from strength to strength, with the latest, on the subject of 3D simulation using gaming technology, being described as the 'best yet'.

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Sneak preview not enough? IssueCentre 4.0 is now available as beta version. We think you’ll love it issuecentre.com/sneak-preview/


First Option Software, creators of bespoke software are keen to blow a few myths away. A popular misconception about helpdesk software is that it is for companies with a huge fleet of vehicles or support staff working 24/365. Whilst there are such companies for whom IssueCentre is a perfect solution, the possible scenarios for its [...]

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#GirlsinIT – White Paper

First Option Software's White Paper on on Girls in IT is available now to view or download.

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Things I didn’t know yesterday #1

The founder of McAfee Anti-Virus is currently “on the run” in Belize. http://www.shortlist.com/home/how-did-this-tech-tycoon-end-up-on-the-run-in-belize


IssueCentre website gets a fresh new look. Not just a pretty face, though, this is no quick make-over! issuecentre.com/index.php/not-…


FREE breakfast workshop 26th Feb – eepurl.com/NIDgL


So just how flexible is your #helpdesk software when it comes to tailoring to your needs? issuecentre.com/off-the-shelf-…


…and again! We like happy customers..
“Excellent set of engineers, went above and beyond to help me and my customer..”
Thanks Jamie!


SEO infographic Public misconceptions or self-promo? Fascinating stuff either way seotraininglondon.org/what-do-the-pu… Thanks for this, @DannyRichman

Serious Games

Our upcoming #FirstThing is about gaming technology and how it might be used in a serious, military, environment. Jonathan Read will lead an interactive demonstration of Games for Training utilising cutting edge technology, based on gaming software, to create realistic battlefield simulations for the military environment.

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This is the kind of feedback we like” “I wish our datacentre company had this level of customer service” – our pleasure!

IssueCentre goes Mobile Part 1 – Android http://w…

I am NOT a Robot, honestly

As the www.issuecentre.com site is currently undergoing an SEO initiative, we have started receiving larger volumes of spam via a webform which sends us an email. Because of this, we needed to implement a Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart or CAPTCHA (I had no idea it was an initialism either) implemented on [...]

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A wet weekend in April

Last Sunday was yet another wet day. The thought of decorating filled me with horror so what to do?

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